Virtual Assistant India

Software Development


We have a team of highly skilled software developers. They have expertise in Java Programming, Database Management, Python, PEARL, MYSQL,Ruby On Rails, Android and IOS Development.


1) Design and Architecture of Scalable Backend systems

2) Android Applications

3) PC based application software – standalone and connected systems

4) Porting of software from one platform to other and optimization

5) Web portals

Projects Done

1) Hospital Billing system for Outpatient Department – This was a web based interface for generating bills for clinics and hospitals.

2) RFID based people and equipment tracking system – using RFID tags and receivers combined with application software on PC, this would track all hospital employees and patients location to enhance the utilization of resources.

3) Android client application and server for Goldadorn (Google Playstore Goldadorn Jewelry) – we developed the product end to end.

4) eRemotus Patient Remote Monitoring – capturing patient health data using wireless sensors and storing them on Server as a Health Record.

5) IVF application and server for IVF clinic – this PC application software combined with a MySQL database was developed for capturing and storing IVF patient data whose treatment lasts from minimum of 9 months to many years.

6) Web based Appointment Scheduling system for Patients – using web based client or Android app, patients can schedule an appointment for themselves with registered doctors.

7) Standalone Immunization Reminder application for android – a standalone android app to remind parents of child’s due vaccinations and plot health chart of child.

8) Tool for conversion of .NET framework 1.1 to 2.0 and 4.0 (Wipro) – wrote an application to convert apps written in .NET framework 1.1 to .NET framework 2.0.


C, C++, C#, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, Jquery, Android UI Programming

Apache, IIS, Nginx

Amazon Web Services (EC2, Azure, Cloudfront, S3)

MySQL, Oracle, InfluxDB.

Note: The pricing for these services are based on the scope of the project.