Virtual Assistant India

Virtual Assistant Services India

Virtual Assistant Services India




Our Virtual Assistants can provide you ease of business in the following services:

Web Design: We work firstly by identifying your goals, then planning your site structure, further we design and add content. Later develop and integrate the content, finally test and launch your website.

Administrative Tasks: We take your administrative tasks as our own administrative tasks, from e-mailing to client scheduling, to database maintenance and correspondence, our Virtual Assistants are dedicated to help your business process smoothly.

SEO: Getting you known online is our job and we do that by researching keywords related to your business, on-page optimization, link building, competitor analysis, social media integration, and blogging.

Accounting: We manage your transactions, data entry into QuickBooks/Quicken, reconciliation of credit card accounts and bank statements, invoicing, payrolls, preparing balance sheets, and rectify any errors that may arise.

Adwords: We work to improve your website by finding closely related keywords to your business and advertisements, communicate with your clients and inform you about any new adword features, verify the content, analyze the effectiveness of these adwords to your business.

Adsense: We consult you for Ad Space on your website, display Google Advertisements, and on every click from your website viewer you earn revenue.

YouTube Optimization: We ensure that the Title, Tags & Description of your Business Video are accurate, in order to get high rankings on YouTube.


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