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Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services has become the game changer since the economic turmoil in 2008. The role of a Virtual Assistant (VA) grabs the attention of the entrepreneurs by having attractive flexible hours, remote working, competitive pay and more family time.

A VA is a scale up for your business, saving you time from basic tasks throughout the week. A business entrepreneur also reduces operating costs from hiring a VA: no employee expense, no office space and no downtime. You simply pay a small fee for the VA’s as per the contract with Virtual Task Hub.

Business experts believe that a professional and reliable VA is an important part of their new or existing organization, especially when trust and dependability has been experienced, VA’s then become an integral part of their organization

Few roles of our software development virtual assistants are:

Mobile App development
Product Development
Web Development

Few job roles of our virtual assistants are:

Administrative work
Content Writing
SEO & Digital Marketing
Social Media

It is important to realize, we have dedicated VA’s for each category listed above. When we hire VA’s we hire them according to the specific job role in mind. Each category of task is handled by a dedicated Virtual Assistant to ease the workload of your business. For instance, if a VA is adept in writing then you can hire them for Content Writing and in case your looking only at Administration, then you can hire a Administrative VA that can do data entry, reminder services and appointment scheduling. By this method you can focus on growing your business and the VA in the background will do your daily tasks that normally take away your time as an entrepreneur.

Web Design and Web Development Virtual Assistant Services

The first thing to realize here is; Web Design and Web Development are two different roles and you can choose either a Web Designer or Web Developer as a VA.

The major difference between the two roles is:

Web Designer: Focuses on the look and feel of your website, Uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript language, got skills in color scheming, graphic designing, information flow, and can create a great user experience. Web Developer: Creates the inner workings of a website, Skilled in programming languages such as PHP, .NET, Python, C, Ruby and develops the user interface.

Tasks under Web Design and Web Development:

Planning, designing and developing websites.
Providing technical support through coding on WP web pages. Installing, customizing and updating plug-ins and themes.
Maintaining functionality of the website, security and troubleshooting.
Installing payment gateway and ticket systems.
Understanding and creating user interface.
Incorporating web applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, .NET, C, Ruby and APIs into company’s website.
Adding tags, images and content from content writer into the website and blog posts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants

You have a website with your products and services. We have a VA with SEO and Digital marketing experience that could become invaluable for your business. Our VA will be able to increase web traffic, sales, and your brand value with the right digital marketing techniques/strategies as well as with appropriate SEO tools.

Tasks under SEO & Digital Marketing:

Developing, updating and optimizing web marketing strategy through SEO tools.
Conducting keyword research for websites and performing blog analysis.
Setting up and creating landing pages, sitemap and webmaster submissions.
Carrying out in-depth analysis (targeted keywords, ranked content, SEMRUSH positions).
Monitoring Google Analytic reports weekly; observing site traffic.
Initiating link-building campaign and generating sufficient backlinks.
Off-page optimization: commenting on other blogs, participating in forums and responding to public on YouTube and News websites.
Designing advertisements (banners, side panel graphics, etc.) and finding appropriate, high-traffic websites to place them on.
Designing logos, headers, icons and other graphic elements.

Content Writing Virtual Assistant Services

Not everyone who is an assistant can write content appropriately. Many believe content writer can be anybody that has sound command on English language, this belief is untrue, which is why a lot of content marketing projects keep failing. Content writing in its source is an art usually written by a marketing expert. You cannot expect a web developer or a graphic designer to give you a good content that could be relevant to your business. This is where we suggest having a dedicated Content Writer from Virtual Task Hub.

An excellent content writer would know how to write content that would grab the attention of target audience with content that is conscience and engaging. Putting the point across without several paragraphs is the key.

Tasks under Content Writing:

Article, blog post creation, guest post and guest blogging platforms.
Significant and appropriate content that markets your business.
Designing brochure and generating list articles.
Responding to comments made by other bloggers.
Writing in-depth report on markets.
Analyzing previous customers and composing case studies.

Administrative Virtual Assistants

Emails, payrolls, invoicing, sales reports and customer inquiries reduce the amount of time an entrepreneur can focus on other important aspects of your business. This is where Virtual Assistants from Virtual Task Hub come in.

Tasks under Administration:

Database building, entry and updates.
Bookkeeping and payroll duties.
Receptionist duties.
Invoicing to clients.
Weekly reports on sales, deliverables, hours and tasks.
Checking email, responding to customers.
Sending out business cards, invitations, newsletters and notes.
Establishing, updating and managing calendar.
Scheduling appointments with clients, businesses and salespeople.
Preparing training manuals for new staff members.
Creating forms or surveys for customer feedback.
Proofreading documents and other office materials.
Producing graphs from your spreadsheets.

Social Media Virtual Assistants

Entrepreneurs think by posting on Facebook and Twitter they know how to get profit from the Social Media Websites but that is not entirely true. What you may not know is, it is a process driven task that needs to be monitored and managed constantly in order to gain value for your business. Our VA’s are process driven, knowing how to pull target audiences, improving the presence of your business in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Tasks under Social Media:

Creating company accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram.
Writing and sharing posts on social networks.
Checking traffic, mentions and shares.
Keeping track of competitors through social platforms.
Making hash tag conversations relevant to business vision and marketing objectives.
Engaging with audience: responding to inquiries, sharing relevant information, thanking customers for mentions.
Updating all accounts on social media.
Creating pictures on Pinterest.

Accounting and Book Keeping Virtual Assistants

Maintaining your Accounts is of major importance to run your business smoothly. It could become difficult for an entrepreneur to manage Marketing, Accounting, Book Keeping, and Social Media all together. By hiring a Virtual Assistant from Virtual Task Hub, you could concentrate on increasing the revenue of your business by leaving the Accounting Task to us.

Tasks under Accounting:

Managing Inventory
Year End Accounting
Cash Flow Projection
Revamping the existing account systems
Implementing record keeping & accounting procedures

Tasks under Book Keeping:

Account Data Entry
Maintain Cash Flow
Bank & Credit Reconciliation
Balance Sheet Management
Maintaining Accounts on QuickBooks and Peachtree
Payroll Processing
Trial Balance Maintenance

A Virtual Assistant can be of major value to your business. Our VA will complete all the minor but important tasks of your business while you work on the major tasks increasing your profits.

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Virtual Task Hub is a Pvt. Ltd Company that provides technology solutions in the form of Virtual Assistant Services to clients across the world. The company is based in Bangalore (India). The company provides offshore assistance to busy professionals, small and medium business owners. We work 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) We work with clients on their business hours.




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