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Virtual Assistant:

Businesses today are all attempting to minimize cost, boost profit and become lean. How do they cut costs? By reducing employees, their payrolls, benefits, taxes and insurance. Companies have realized that it is become more feasible to outsource work than hire manpower.

Many renowned firms and start-ups are relying on Virtual Assistant Services to reduce expenses and increase profits through qualified and experienced Virtual Services

Entrepreneurs are worried that Assistants are self employed, married with children, college students and aged people. Here in Virtual Task Hub we make sure that your Assistant works from our dedicated office and have qualifying experience in the category of services you choose.

Why hire a VA from Virtual Task Hub?

Most entrepreneurs wonder how Virtual Executive Services stay in business. You basically have the advantage of few hours to full time. The idea entrepreneurs have in their mind is; why hire a VA when you can hire an actual assistant in house rather than outsourcing?

It’s quite simple actually, at Virtual Task Hub it comes down to Quality of Work and Cost Efficiency. Lets us consider an example: An actual Administrative Assistant would cost you around $24,089 – $48,444 annually (taken from and an Administrative Assistant from Virtual Task Hub would cost you around $2,396 – $11,482 annually (calculated by hr X 20days X 12months).

Our Virtual Executive Persons work for multiple clients during work hours doing different tasks and refining their efficiency. You could either hire a VA just for few hours or for full time. If your looking at just making calls while your onsite with clients, they could even do those tasks for you. If you need them more hours weekly, they could accommodate that as well.

What can our VA do?

There are a variety of tasks and skills that they can perform. Some could do web based tasks like creating email accounts and social media and some could your administrative tasks like database entry, invoicing, proofreading etc.

Below are few listed tasks our VA’s could perform:

Database building, entry and updates.
Weekly reports on sales, deliverables, hours and tasks.
Article, blog post creation, guest post and guest blogging platforms.
Significant and appropriate content that markets your business.
Developing, updating and optimizing web marketing strategy through SEO tools.
Conducting keyword research for websites and performing blog analysis.
Creating company accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram.
Writing and sharing posts on social networks.
Planning, designing and developing websites.
Maintaining functionality of websites, security and troubleshoot.
Installing payment gateways and ticket systems.
Budgeting, Cash Flow Projection.
Account Data Entry, Payroll Processing.
Balance Sheet Management.
Bank & Credit Reconciliations.

How to hire a VA from us?

Since we have VA’s based on categories related to services listed on our website (Service Menu), we suggest you to make note of what skill, experience and task you are looking for. Our VA’s maybe adept in most categories but as per our company policy, we dedicate 1 VA for 1 category of job. When you have this data, Contact Us through our website Menu and we shall get back to you with the best VA suited for your business.

If your business sector falls under academic, creative, government, legal and financial service, marketing, pharmaceutical retail or private, we at Virtual Task Hub have a sworn dedicated team on their heels to support you on your new or existing venture.

Contact us to avail our unique packages.